I create artworks, websites, concepts, user experiences (UI/UX), video presentations, architectural visualisations & brand design


How I can help you? I’m creative and good with a computer..

I know 2D: print/web and video. Have some good practices with 3D as well, for Architectural Visualisations, product design.
And I also love Augmented Reality (mixed reality) and Virtual reality.

Design & Craft

Graphic Design
Creative Video (montage)
Interaction Design UI/UX
Art Direction
Architectural Visualisations

Communication & Keynote-speaker

Visual Thinking
Social Cohesion
Start ups
Sociale Winkel
Social Communities


Visual Design
Brand Strategy
Process & Exploration
Copywriting Print


Opportunity Analysis
Branding Discovery
Production Planning


Born in December 1, 1988 in Alkmaar, Netherlands. I’ve studied Industrial Design at the University of Twente from 2007 until 2016.

When I was 16 I discovered Photoshop. I started ‘painting’ with the mouse and created my own version of Edvard Munch “The Scream” for the cover of Smart Magazine. This has been awarded as best school project that year of all art classes. This was the start of my passion for design.

When I’m not behind a computer I love to Windsurf. This started at the age of 15 when a big lake behind my house was suddenly built by the municipality. A year later I become windsurf instructor. And after that… I travelled the world for windsurfing and taught on many windsurf schools in Holland as 4 summers (2010 untill 2015) in Bonaire (Dutch Antilles).





It was shaped like a chair and sparkled with gems, as did everything else. In the center of the chair was an enormous Head, without a body to support it or any arms or legs whatever.

Heerhugowaard, Middenweg 8

Office at home
+316 52 29 18 23     chriswever AT gmail . com

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Here are some partners I worked with.

“Designs are increasingly winning competitions because they are literally green, and because somewhere they feature a small windmill.“

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